Why Inner Cities

When poverty and homelessness increases, the need for change increases as well.  Change often begins with leaders of the communities who willingly set out to invest in the lives of others. Loyalty, duty, respect for self and others, honesty, integrity, and selfless service is what’s given to show that the leaders of the community cares.

Currently, inner city children are suffering from reaching their highest potential due to the following: fear of the unknown due to violence, fear of failure due to lack of resources and fear to succeed beyond their peers and families because of hopelessness.  Chicago and Texan residents need to dream again!

The need to have someone in the “here and now to relate to what they are feeling on a daily basis; someone who has succeeded and cares enough to reach back into the city and draw them out of their wilderness is our mission. We use the logo all too often ‘reach one teach one’, but where are we? R.O.S.E’s Love Foundation is here and WE are willing to go into the trenches to save our children and communities. R.O.S.E’s Love Foundation is here to partner with other organizations who have also chosen to answer the call.

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